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NATO rescues euro in Libya

NATO intervention is to rescue French banks and the euro

by Xander Meyer,
Xander Nieuws
1 September 2011

A Libyan rebel fighter takes pictures of dead soldiers. Some 50,000 Libyans have paid with their lives for the - provisional - rescue of the French banks and the euro.

Over the past few months we have heard so much nonsense about the so-called needed, but in fact scandalous "humanitarian" war of NATO against Libya (in which about 50,000 have perished) that we felt it was necessary to put forward some facts. They show the real reason Gaddafi was ousted had nothing to do with his non existant "blood shedding", and everything to do with rescuing the troubled French banks and the euro. Read how, once again, you have been deceived by the politicians and the media.

It is a fact that in countries like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates no military intervention has been planned to chase away the dictators who rule there. On the contrary: European countries like Germany offer these regimes professional intelligence and arms. So, why then an intervention in Libya?

In October 2010, Nuri Mesmari, head of Gadaffi's secretariat, was interrogated in Paris by the French secret services. It has been reported in Asian and other media that Mesmari disclosed Libyan state secrets in exchange for a large payment. For president Sarkozy these secrets were a slap in the face, in particular because Gaddafi intended to withdraw all of the Libyan oil billions from Europe. These balances would be withdrawn from mostly French banks and would be transferred to Asia.

Fear for collapsing of French banks

Sarkozy feared this step would have far reaching consequences for the French banks that were already in trouble. He feared they would collapse if the Libyan oil billions were withdrawn. And if the French banks collapsed, France would not be able to participate anymore in the European Rescue Funds. Without France's participation, that program would collapse as well. This chain reaction would endanger the continuation of the euro and the entire euro zone.

What also played a role is the fact that Gaddafi had announced he would not buy the French fighter plane Rafale anymore and in any case he would not grant the construction of a Libyan nuclear plant to the French. The French corporation Total wanted new oil contracts in Libya, but Gaddafi granted them to the Italian company ENI. (Gaddafi and the Italian prime minister Berlusconi are good friends.)

What followed was essentially a repeat of the 1953 coup d'état in Iran. Then it was the CIA who set it up, now it was the French who did the same in Libya. In the respected Asia Times everything has been described in detail. First France assured itself of the support of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain with the promise to leave these regimes alone with their human right violations.Both Arab regimes would arrange the support of the Arab League. "Of course", the US, together with some European nations (among which the Netherlands) also intervened to prevent the collapse of the French banks.

Insurgence of the rebels organized by France

The French philosopher and media sweetheart Bernard Henri-Lévy was flown to Benghazi to become the spokesman of the "rebel movement" that was pieced together by the Western secret services. In the presence of the drummed up media Henri-Lévy phoned from Benghazi with Sarkozy and announced the beginning of the Libyan democratic movement that would oust Gaddafi. Following that, the Libyan bank balances were frozen and the French banks were - temporarily - rescued.

The whole circus looked convincing enough for the Western people. In Libya the existing rivalry between different tribes was exploited to make the media report step by step a false narrative about fictitious conquests of territories. The next phase had been planned in advance too: the support of these rebels by NATO.

The reports that the CIA flew 1,500 fighters from Afghanistan to Libya to support the rebels came from Pakistani governmental circles, whose relation with the CIA had cooled below freezing point. Since the elimination of Osama bin Laden, Pakistan, out of anger, had started to spread all kinds of false rumors about the CIA. One of the rumors was the transfer of hundreds of Persians and Uzbeks to Libya. The numerous journalists in Libya who were constantly accompanying the rebels, haven't met a single Persian or Uzbek there.

Oil deal in exchange for the support of the insurgence

Back to France. Here the Libyan oil billions will, for the main part, stay in hands of the French banks. Of probably over € 10 billions, France wants to free up at maximum € 1.5 billion for the new Libyan government. And, by the way, banks in other EU countries can also feel relieved now. Moreover, in exchange for these billions they can sell lots of goods to Libya. Finally, the new Libyan government will have to show its thankfulness for the "liberation" of their country. The media announced today (1 Sept 2011) that France has indeed made a secret oil deal with the rebels in exchange for the French support of the rebellion against Gaddafi. (3)

We will find out soon enough if Libya decides to buy the French fighter jets, to grant the construction of a nuclear plant to the French and to grant oil concessions to the French Total. Also, the secret services will have to find out how they can supply new work to their new contacts. Gaddafi's Dutch prostitute supplier has already been interrogated by the AIVD, the Dutch Intelligence and Security Service. She supplied the needed prostitutes to the regime and maybe she could do the same for the new people in power.

France distributes the war bounty

So now you know how the "democratic" Libyan rebellion movement came about and who was behind it. Some 50,000 people have paid with their lives to avoid the collapse of French banks and to postpone for some time the collapse of the euro.Today (1 Sept 2011) a "reconstruction" conference takes place in Paris, where over € 34 billion that Libya has in Western banks accounts, will be "distributed". Sarkozy has set himself up as the big reconstruction man of Libya. To put it otherwise: he will keep the bigger part of the bounty in France by means of  billion-euros contracts with the new Libyans in power,

Last Saturday we announced that brigades related to Al Qaeda have become the masters in Tripoli. Yesterday US president Obama has confirmed this. (2). In short: the people against whom the West fights in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, Al Qaeda, are the same Muslim-extremists who are put into the saddle in Libya by NATO. It is once again proof that Western principles are worth nothing at all as soon as (big) money is involved. The real prostitutes are to be found in the financial and political elite of power.

Middle east in flames and fire?

Meanwhile the big (end) game continues. Sarkozy has already publicly announced that the Islamic Republic Iran may well be the next target. Also the Turk-Saudian preparations for military intervention in Syria are well underway. You will see that the next big war, that may well set the whole Middle East on fire - and maybe even countries outside of it - , will be presented by the media as a "complete surprise", exactly like the Libyan revolution, which was planned, from the start, by France.(1)


(1) KOPP
(3) NU

Translation: Rudo de Ruijter

Copyright: FREE


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