We are just two steps away from a better world:
step 1: Stop the creation of fake money by private banks...
step 2: Replace our fake democracy by true democracy...


Climate Conference Paris 2015

Facts and lies about the climate:

1: The clockwork of the Earth and Sun

2: The activity of the Sun

3: CO2: scare, claims and fraud...

The secrets behind money:

If you just sign here, I will give you a balance of $ 1,000 and you will owe me $ 1,000 plus interest.

The banking system in short

Private banks or a bank of the government. A comparaison.

With just a tiny little bit of money bankers can pay each other millions...

Secrets of money, interest and inflation

From state debt to state money

Politicians give billions away to private bankers...

A tale of two monetary systems

Towards a sound economy

Bank crisis? Reform!

Debit, credit, banco!

Banking explained:
the Derivative Scam

The secrets behind the euro:

Out of the euro, and then?

ESM, the new European dictator!

YouTube: The dictatorship of the ESM robs the Treasuries in 3'51''

Keep quiet! We build Europe!"

ESM, a coup d'état in 17 countries!

ESM: How the Goldman Vampire Squid Just Captured Europe

Zeus rapes Europa

NATO rescues euro in Libya

Uncover secrets:

Wake up citizens?

The chicken-parliament

Farewell to growth:


World Energy and Population

Energy crisis:
Turning-point of humanity

The secrets behind the war in Iraq:

Cost, abuse and danger of the dollar

Iraq Memorial

The secrets behind the war in Afghanistan:

Pipelines to 9/11

The secrets behind the accusations against Iran:

Raid on Nuclear Fuel Market

Wipe Israel from the map?


There are alternatives to capitalism...

Protest in Draguignan


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Treaty establishing the European Union (EU)

Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU)

Amendment article 136 TFEU

First version of the Treaty establishing the European Stability Mechanism (ESM)(not ratified)

Treaty establishing the European Stability Mechanism (ESM)

Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the economic and monetary union (TSCG)

Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969

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Dear guest,

Fools cannot lie. Welcome in the world of the Court Fool. Let him surprise you with facts, proofs and his unconventional views.

In the articles marked with a key, you will discover new perspectives to understand our mad, mad world.

Not everybody knows how bankers juggle more and more money out of their hat and what that means for the world. Not everybody knows how the dollar acts like a leech sucking the world and what goes hidden behind the wars in Afghanistan and Irak. Nearly nobody knows that nuclear weapon countries are underway to get hold on the nuclear fuel market and that this is the basis for their future dominance. Fortunately everybody knows that the press gratuitiously repeats the lies and propaganda of politicians. On the contrary, nearly nobody notices they also conceal important information. And thus, there are a lot of things, that determine the fate of the world, but hardly anyone speaks about. This way, for the court fool, there are many things remaining to talk about.

Your suggestions, reactions and ideas will be appreciated. And if you want to help with research, translations or distribution of the articles, I am very happy with that. And if you write articles, that add something fundamental to the understanding of this world, then please tell me.

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And you know something is happening
But you don't know what it is
Do you, Mister Jones?

                                 Bob Dylan

Fortunately, we still have the euro...

Private banks must grow infinitely in order not to fail. That is why we have inflation and live according to the dogna of eternal economical growth.

Restrictions to grow beyond the country's borders would endanger the banks sooner or later. This was well understood by Pierre Werner, banker and prime minister of Luxembourg, who presented the first blue print for the common currency in 1970.

Already at that time, prominent economists had warned that because of the big economic differences this would lead to severe indebtment of the weaker countries. These problems were easy to predict. But debts mean extra income for the bankers. So the euro came and with it the problems.

Many euro-countries have severe financial problems by now. Many people still don't understand that the euro is not the solution, but the cause.

The problem? Because of the big differences between euro-countries the cost prices of products differ too. With the open borders, consumers prefer products from less expensive euro-countries. As a result, their local economy fails. At the same time, the euros leave the country as payment for the import-products. To continue to dispose of euros citizens and government must borrow more and more.. The country is trapped in growing debts...

Consecutively the banks raise the interest for the local government in such a way, it can only obtain further loans from the Troika (International Monetary Funds, European Central Bank, European Commission.)

To supply these loans, the Troika demands Draconic budget cuts. Public officers are fired, services come to a standstill, social achievements are broken down. The people are taught they would be still worse off without the euro. Also, all lucrative possessions of the country must be sold to foreign parties to lower the debt. A man of Goldman Sachs is appointed as governor.

Financiers earn billions of interest with these mountains of debt. To prevent that they risk losses because of impayments, the ESM-bank has been set up. (ESM stands for European Stability Mechanisme) The ESM may grab as much tax money as it wants from the treasuries of the eurocountries to make good the losses of the lenders, freely, without any democratic control and without limit.

The ministers of finance appoint themselves as governors of the ESM. (Signature of the first version of the ESM-treaty, 11 July 2011. By the way, this signature was illegal, because the Convention of Vienna, that sets the rules for treaties, does not mention ministers of finance as legal representatives of countries.)

Apparently because the US was not satisfied with this first version, it disappeared in the trash bin a few days later. A second version came on 2 February 2012, this time it was signed by EU-ambassadors. The treaty, however, is not a EU-treaty, but an international treaty. (The EU has not the right to extend its own competences and the ESM limits the competences of the national parliaments.) The rules of the EU don't apply to the ESM and the ESM doesn't have to justify its actions to anyone. No democratic control on the use of our tax money has been foreseen.

Unbelievable but true, the treaty has been ratified by the parliaments and senats of the 17 euro-countries.

This means that in each country a majority (and in some countries even a 2/3 majority) has voted in favor of the treaty. Curiously, that does not mean that those who voted in favor have read the text. At least, those of whom I have read comments in the press had, apparently, read a few lines, without understanding what the treaty was about. We should rather fear that hardly any representative has read the text, because for them, studying the text would have been a waste of time. Whatever the content, they have to vote the way they are ordered to by the leader of their political party. That is the way things go when coalitions are in power.

What we can conclude is that the lobby of the bankers and the europhiles have succeeded to convince enough leaders of political parties - a few persons in each country - to make a majority of representatives vote in favor of the treaty.

They voted in favor of the bankers, not for the people.

Barroso, president of the European Commission from 2004 to 2014.

It is the European Commission that, according to Barroso, should be the economic government of the Union, which defines the actions that national governments must carry out. (28.09.11)

With compliments to Peter Vlemmix

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